The Democrat Ann Coulter likes had a ‘MAGA Moment’ of far-right support after debate performance
Ann Coulter during an interview with the New York Times (Photo: Screenshot)

Far-right activists have become infatuated with one 2020 Democratic Party candidate, Buzzfeed News reported Thursday.

"Among some conservative pundits there was one clear winner of Wednesday night’s Democratic primary debate: Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, the longshot antiwar Hawaii congresswoman," Buzzfeed explained. "More than any other Democratic candidate, Gabbard has developed a favorable presence in right-wing media."

During the debate, Gabbard "appeared to cement her status as the very online right’s favorite Democratic candidate."

"On Wednesday night, Matt Drudge, the reclusive Drudge Report impresario, tweeted out that Gabbard had won his site’s online debate poll," Buzzfeed noted. "Breitbart News devoted a lot of its debate coverage to Gabbard, writing several articles about her. Breitbart writer Joel Pollak livestreamed his exchange with Gabbard in the spin room after the debate, the only candidate who got that treatment."

Coulter told Buzzfeed she was considering voting for Gabbard in both the Democratic primary and general election.

The publication also reported that Gabbard will be appearing on Fox News Thursday evening for an interview with Tucker Carlson.