'To know Trump is to hate Trump': biographer says that even 'Ivanka despises him'
Ivanka Trump (Youtube)

On Monday's edition of MSNBC's "All In," The Art of the Deal co-author Tony Schwartz told anchor Chris Hayes that President Donald Trump is so isolated at this point that even his eldest daughter can't stand him anymore.

"To know Trump is to hate Trump," said Schwartz. "Meaning everybody who knows him, deep down, hates him completely."

"It's funny you said that, because Michael Wolff gave an interview ... I make no determination about the factual accuracy of the book, but he said exactly the same thing. He said that every person who works with him does secretly despise him," said Hayes.

"Ivanka despises him," said Schwartz. "Jared [Kushner] despises him. His other children—"

"You are deducing this from the behavior of the man that you spent time around," said Hayes.

"When you're around a person who devalues you, humiliates you, ignores you, shames you, what possible other reaction could you have other than to despise him?" said Schwartz. "And what happens is, there's a percentage of people who feel that way and don't care, because he's serving some other, or they believe he is serving some other agenda they share."

It is notoriously difficult to pin down what Ivanka Trump truly believes about anything. She has famously cultivated an image of herself as a contrarian voice in Trump's inner orbit who steers him to make more sensible decisions, and yet on other occasions has insisted that it is "not my job" to influence the president on issues they disagree on — even though she is, nominally, supposed to be a White House adviser.

"It is extraordinary to imagine the level of isolation that he has reached," continued Schwartz. "He's now alone in this White House, and I mean alone. Remember when Nixon was walking around talking to the walls? But there was still a few people. There was Haig and there was Diane Sawyer and there were a few people around who he'd still talk to. There's nobody with Trump who he pays any attention to. Who he'll give sufficient respect to that there's an actual dialogue that can take place."

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