Traumatized woman begs barking cops not to shoot kneeling black man who ‘seemed to match the description’
Black man detained at gunpoint (Instagram)

A woman begged California police not to shoot as she recorded video of officers pointing their guns at a kneeling black man in a tense confrontation.

The woman, who posted the video on her Blueasdasky account on Instagram, told officers that her boyfriend had been shot and killed by police in 2015 but did not know the man who was kneeling with his hands up at a busy intersection, reported Heavy.

“I don’t even know him but I care that much,” the woman said, crying.

Hawthorne police told the woman the man was not a suspect but was "being detained."

“We got a call about a robbery," the officer told her. "He seemed to match the description ... we’re just detaining him. We’re not saying he’s a suspect … try to relax. It says a weapon was involved that’s the only reason he gets held at gunpoint. It’s just for our safety and everybody around’s safety, okay?”

Officers handcuffed and searched the man during the two-minute video, but it's not clear whether he was arrested or charged with any crime.

Police have not commented publicly or reported any details about the incident.