Trump battered by MSNBC panel for maintaining his record as 'worst president ever' during bumbling UK visit
Presidents Macron and Trump seemed on friendly terms during the D-Day commemorations, though their body language was cooler than during their first meetings AFP / MANDEL NGAN

A panel discussing President Donald Trump's just-concluded trip to the United Kingdom got a thumbs down on MSNBC on Saturday morning with one commenter pointing out that Trump reasserted his position as the "worst" president ever.

Appearing with host David Gura, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Philippe Reines said nothing the president did during his trip enhanced his image.

"I think how he sees himself in it is different than history will see his place in it. He's really clearly headed for his place as the worst president in United States history." Reines explained. "First, obviously, he's jealous of the monarchy -- this is his ideal. Our country was founded because we broke away, we didn't want a monarchy, we wanted accountability."

"The second thing is there is no human being, alive or dead, less appropriate to represent America to a D- Day celebration," he continued. "This is a day where 4400 Allied Forces gave their lives. This is the epitome of bravery and dedication and self-sacrifice and Donald Trump wouldn't know any of those things. It was very hard watching that and, yes, he didn't spit up on himself when he was speaking."

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