Trump biographer explains how Trump's behavior is setting up a 'crisis' in government
Journalist and Trump biographer Michael D'Antonio (Photo: Screen capture)

One of President Donald Trump's biographers, Michael d'Antonio, explained Wednesday that the president is between a rock and a hard place, precluding him from being able to do the right thing. This behavior is now setting up a "crisis" in the American government, he explained.

In the first portion of his discussion with CNN host Don Lemon, d'Antonio explained that there isn't likely to be any accountability for Trump's statements, regardless of how bad they get, because the GOP is too scared.

"They're terrified of him," he explained. "This is a person who uses threats and punishment against everyone who crosses him. He's demonstrated that he is the alpha dog in American politics and it's certainly his Republican Party now."

The biographer explained that Trump has always been fearful of being sued for his behavior. It's a comment that former Trump Organization executive Barbara Res said earlier in the evening: he's in constant fear of being sued, so he sues first instead.

"He has always been a person who's had his eye on 'Am I going to be prosecuted for this behavior?' In this case, it's, 'Am I going to be impeached?' "recalled d'Antonio. "So, he cannot do the right thing here because he's already done the wrong thing. He did the wrong thing during the campaign. And for him to go back and say, 'I wouldn't take help from another country' would be to open himself up to criticism in the first instance. So, he's always thinking what's my defense strategy?"

When the panel came back from the commercial break, d'Antonio said that the latest battle calling the FBI "wrong" on the law, is an example of the president taking over all of the intelligence agencies.

"So, he's now told Gina Haspel, the people that work with at the CIA, 'You're vulnerable to the president's whims,' "he continued. "And the president requires people to hand over their, let's say, dignity to him. And some have done that."

He noted that it's clear Rod Rosenstein was willing to do it and lost his dignity and esteem along the way. Where people like James Mattis refused.

"These are people who left rather than be emasculated by the president," d'Antoion explained. "So, this is a setting up I think a series of crisis, not only in his conflicts of Congress but now within the administration there are people who should be independent minded and who aren't anymore and who we can't count on to have the integrity that would defend us from a president out of control and this is fast becoming a presidency out of control."

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