Trump buried by ex-US Attorney for claim the Constitution allows him to do what he wants: Even Bill Barr 'won't go that far'
Former federal prosecutor Joyce Vance/MSNBC screen shot

Appearing on MSNBC on Sunday afternoon, former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance slapped aside Donald Trump's claim that Article II of the Constitution "allows me to do whatever I want," as the president put it.

Addressing the president's claim, made during an interview on ABC with host George Stephanopoulos, law professor Vance bluntly pointed out that the president is no constitutional scholar.

After watching a clip of Trump claiming unchecked power as president, Vance was asked what she thought of his claims.

"The president is not a constitutional law scholar and his interpretation of Article II is just flawed, Vance explained. "Even his Attorney General William Barr wouldn't go as far as the president seems to do anything that he wants to do"

"The reality is that there are actions that the president can take that would violate the law," she lectured. "He couldn't, for instance, order a U.S. Attorney to indict one of his political enemies when there is no evidence to indict them. That would be a crime. He couldn't accept a bribe in exchange for the appointment of a SupremeCourt Justice -- that would be a crime."

"His power is not limitless and he is accountable under the Constitutions, " she concluded.

Watch below: