Trump could turn on Hope Hicks just like Michael Cohen: Trump family biographer warns
President Donald Trump, Hope Hicks -- (Photo: screenshot)

Trump family biographer Emily Jane Fox explained that she didn't think that the president would turn on long-time aide Hope Hicks, but then again, it was the same thought about Michael Cohen as well.

In a panel discussion about Hicks' testimony during MSNBC's Brian Williams' Wednesday show, Fox recalled that Micahel Cohen once said that he would take a bullet for the president. Once it appeared that Trump would throw him under the bus, Cohen began looking for a way out.

The same scenario seems to be happening with Hicks now.

"She works at new Fox, which is a company run by a Murdoch son," Fox said. "It's a company that's brand new. She's the head of communications there. And there are shareholders who would take issue with the fact that a senior member of this company is being put in this situation and being thrust on the world stage."

She didn't give any details about who those senior members might be, however.

"Now, doing what she did today is something I think only would work for the company where she works," Fox continued. "So, I think that some of that is, but I think she did the bare minimum of what she was legally required to do while still maintaining her loyalty to the Trump family, which is something that is incredibly important to her, something that is incredibly important to the Trump family. And I think that is a large part of why she didn't go much further than she was required to do today, though that may be challenged."

Williams asked if Hicks was in the position where she's doing to have to make a "big decision" about which team to play for.

"I've been racking my brain about this all day, of which team she would pick," Fox admitted. "She has a very big job. She was just coming off another very big job. It's hard for me to see someone who is 30 years old choosing to tie themselves to something like the Trump Organization, something like the Trump campaign, something like the Trump White House, knowing where this could all head someday. But you have to understand this underlying loyalty she had to the Trump family. It is so strong it defies all logic. So I don't know which way it would go at the end of the day."

"I watched it up close with Michael Cohen, who is someone who was incredibly loyal to him as well," Fox went on. "At the end of the day, the president threw Michael Cohen under the bus, or at least that's how Michael Cohen felt. So, that is what turned Cohen away, turned him from this guy who told me he would take a bullet for the president to someone who would end up cooperating in investigations against him. It's harder for me to see the president turning on Hope Hicks. It's not impossible. And I think stranger things have happened. And I think that that may be where you see some tension and movement down the road."

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