Trump introduced his family at his official campaign kickoff -- including ‘my late brother Fred, Jr’
Profile view of Donald J Trump, presidential candidate, at the Boca Raton, FL Rally on March 13th, 2016. (Photo: Windover Way Photography/Shutterstock)

President Donald Trump introduced a long-deceased sibling moments after officially announcing his re-election bid during a campaign rally in Orlando, Florida.

"And I am profoundly thankful to my family, I have a great family. Melania, Don, Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany, baron, Lara, Jared, Robert, Marianne, Elizabeth and my late brother, Fred, Jr." Trump said.

Fred, Jr. was Trump's older brother and died of a heart attack almost four decades ago, passing in 1981.

"In a telephone interview last week, Mr. Trump said he had learned by watching his brother how bad choices could drag down even those who seemed destined to rise," The New York Times reported in 2016. Seeing his brother suffering led him to avoid ever trying alcohol or cigarettes, he said."