Trump is treating executive privilege like a 'magic wand' to ward off investigations: CNN legal analyst
President Donald Trump is doubling down on his latest threats to close all or part of the US border with Mexico. (AFP / Nicholas Kamm)

On Wednesday, legal analyst Elie Honig ripped Trump for using executive privilege as a "magic wand" during an interview with CNN's Brooke Bawldin.

Controversy over the 2020 citizenship question rose today after Trump sought to use executive privilege to keep records hidden.

"Documents related to the controversial citizenship question on the 2020 census, and the House Oversight Committee wants to see the documents and threaten contempt charges for Attorney General Bill Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross for withholding them, but this morning the president made a preemptive strike. Before the House could vote on contempt, he announced he was invoking executive privilege to keep the documents under wraps," Baldwin explained.

"How is this case of executive privilege different from other congressional subpoenas?" Bawldin asked.

Honig then explained Trump's unprecedented use of an executive privilege.

"This White House has already been extremely aggressive in their use of executive privilege," he said. "Every White House has used it at times, but, this White House has been way more aggressive than prior administrations."

He added, "This indication of executive privilege on the citizenship question goes a step beyond. They're treating executive privilege like a magic wand. It is not just something that the president gets to say; 'I don't want to turn it over because I'm president.' It is supposed to be a very narrow exception. It was laid out in the Richard Nixon case, and the Supreme Court said it is really supposed to be reserved for your top secret, your military secrets, your Intel, your national security. It is not this magic wand that you could make subpoenas go away with."

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