Trump rage tweets against New York Times -- as John Dean prepares to testify about Mueller report
US President Donald Trump has a uniquely combative relationship with the media, which he denounces as "fake news," except in a handful of cases, including his favored Fox News network (AFP Photo/NICHOLAS KAMM)

President Donald Trump accused the New York Times of practicing "sick journalism" in a tweet fired off hours before former White House counsel John Dean was expected to testify before Congress.

Dean, a CNN contributor and former lawyer for President Richard Nixon's White House, was a key witness during the Watergate hearings, and he will highlight findings by special counsel Robert Mueller during testimony before the House Judiciary Committee.

Trump was angered by Times reporting on his negotiations with Mexico to avert punitive tariffs, and he denounced those reports as inaccurate.

"When will the Failing New York Times admit that their front page story on the the new Mexico deal at the Border is a FRAUD and nothing more than a badly reported 'hit job' on me," Trump tweeted, "something that has been going on since the first day I announced for the presidency! Sick Journalism."