Trump spends ABC interview trying to discredit Robert Mueller as 'conflicted'
Composite image of Donald Trump during CNN debate (Photo: Screen captures)

President Donald Trump spent most of his interview with George Stephanopoulos blasting Special Counsel Robert Mueller, while he incorrectly quoted the report he published.

"I don't care what he says. It doesn't matter," Trump said when Stephanopoulos cited the Mueller report. "He wanted to show everyone what a good counsel he was. Now, he may have gotten confused said with that fact that I've always said, 'Robert Mueller was conflicted. He had numerous conflicts. One of them was the fact that he applied for to job to be the FBI director -- the head of the FBI. And, by the way --"

Stephanopoulos stepped in to say that former top aide Steve Bannon said that it never happened.

"Steve Bannon wouldn't know!" Trump raged. "Steve Bannon has no idea. [Mueller] was conflicted because we had a business transaction where I wouldn't give him back a deposit he wanted--"

Stephanopoulos tried to intervene and note that Mueller addressed the claim, again, that Steve Bannon called it false.

"Steve Bannon wouldn't know about it, or would hardly know about it," Trump claimed. Given the news around it and the loose lips in the White House, chances are Bannon knows much more than the president anticipates.

Trump went on to say that Mueller had a good friendship with former FBI Director James Comey, which also called Mueller's independence into question, he explained.

Mueller certainly knew and worked with Comey, but it was Republican Attorney General Bill Barr that Mueller and his wife were known to do things with.

Trump has spent much of the Mueller investigation working to discredit the investigators as being "never Trumpers." Mueller's report details only the facts of the findings. Yet, Trump maintains that the report both exonerated him, but is also invalid because of the "Deep State" attacks.

See the full clip below: