Trump spokesperson goes down in flames up against progressive reporter: 'All you do is lie!'
Republican Kayleigh McEnany (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump's spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany went down in flames up against Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks during a CNN panel Wednesday.

McEnany went on to try and spin the president as some sort of great leader for Black Americans. She said that the campaign is very "proud" of the president's record on issues involving people of color.

"He also just said he wouldn't change his position on the Central Park Five," cut in Cuomo.

McEnany tried to cut in, but Cuomo cut in. "Now, he said we'll leave it at that. Come on."

"Chris, you come — come on, you," McEnany shot back. "We've been talking about the Central Park Five and racism and all of these things going back to the 2016 election, problem -- American people didn't believe it."

The argument seemed to be that somehow, Trump wasn't a racist because people still voted for him. Indeed, almost exclusively, white people voted for him.

"Sometimes the truth may not work in a campaign, but it doesn't mean it's not the truth and he shouldn't come out," Cuomo hit back. "I'll never stop talking about it."

Cuomo then asked Uygur that while Trump is saying things like this, Democrats are too busy destroying themselves.

"No. First of all, we're in a primary right now. There are 24 candidates in that race. It's incumbent upon us to pick the best candidate, the most electable one. And the best one is going to be a populist Progressive who says I'm going to deliver higher wages and health care all the things that Trump promised you but was lying about —"

McEnany tried to cut in and claim that Trump has done everything he promised, a fact-check Raw Story examined Tuesday night.

Uygur refused to let McEnany try and spin. The panel devolved into a fight from there.

Watch the video below: