Trump will go far-right in 2020 election because he thinks that's why the GOP lost in 2018
Donald Trump at Tampa Rally (Photo: Screen capture)

An MSNBC panel speculated that one of the things President Donald Trump will do when he announces his reelection campaign this week is run a rerun of 2016. The reason, the panel explained, is he thinks it's the one thing that has worked for him.

Sunday, it was announced that Trump was so furious with his lousy poll numbers that he fired the team of pollsters. Trump apologists claimed that the anger had more to do with the leak of the poll numbers to the public.

Either way, Trump is in trouble, whether he's willing to admit it or not. But his solution is characteristically "Trump."

The Washington Post's Bob Costa said that since the 2018 election, Trump has claimed that he has the magic formula for the GOP and Republicans that lost did so because they ran from him and his policies.

"The alarm's been ringing since 2018 when they start suburban voters start to drift from President Trump and the Republican Party," Costa said. "Private polling across the GOP has reflected ever since the summer of 2018, almost a year that the president and the White House, his political operation, I talked with them this asking, 'What do they make of it, is this accurate?' And they said they've been struggling in some of these states."

Indeed, cable news outlets have been in critical states Trump won in 2016 and interviewing some of the voters who once supported former President Barack Obama but then but voted for Trump in 2016. Costa said that the Trump campaign admit that they see numbers dip, but they think there is still a path to victory in 2020 by stoking their own base.

He's "going back to immigration, back to trade," Costa said. "And that's why when you wonder why are they choosing their policy decisions, part of it is because there are insane internal numbers that show deflation among some Trump course of orders."

Trump has tried to run on the slogan "Promises Made, Promises Kept," but he's run into problems as he's been unable to achieve many of his campaign promises.

The one promise Republicans made in 2016 was for a big hefty tax cut. While they achieved the goal, it's been a massive albatross around the party's neck as giving money to the rich and corporations didn't trickle down to American taxpayers. When Republicans attempted to run in 2018 by promoting their tax cut, they heard significant backlash, even from their own supporters.

All that is left for Trump to do is run on the same issues in 2020 as he did in 2016. It's unclear if that will work, but he's certainly going to try it, Costa said.

Watch the panel below: