'Turning our backs on American workers': Vulnerable GOP senator stakes out position against Trump's trade war
Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) (Shutterstock).

On Friday, Politico reported that Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) has written a letter to his fellow Republicans decrying President Donald Trump's trade war with Mexico.

"I am all for fair trade. I am all for securing our border," wrote Gardner. "But I am not for turning our backs on American workers and consumers. Nor can I turn my back on the free market truths that have made America’s economy the strongest in the world.

Gardner added that the tariffs would "wipe out" any growth that was generated by the 2017 GOP tax bill — which, according to recent data, wasn't that much growth in the first place.

Gardner is widely considered to be the most vulnerable Republican senator standing for re-election in 2020. Colorado has been gradually trending bluer, with Democrats taking full control of the state government in 2018, and a large bench of Democratic challengers is lining up to take him on.