WATCH: Here's the secret to dissecting Trump's chaotic distractions
President Donald Trump. (AFP / MANDEL NGAN)

In an extended examination on MSNBC, host Ari Melber took a hard look at how President Donald Trump creates almost daily distractions for the media and the public to keep the focus off his multiple scandals and to make it look like he is doing something -- when all he is doing is creating controversy for controversy's sake.

Put simply, Melber explained, the president's tweets out some plan he has no intention of implementing, hypes it up for days -- then drops it like it never happened.

Using Trump's aborted attack on Iran as a jumping off point, Melber -- and his panel -- explained that Trump's style of governing is based on "head fakes" and "bluffs."

"We've seen the same pattern on play on those big promised ICE raids that the president walked back," Melber explained. "These raids were timed to add heat to his 2020 kick-off, using the power of ICE and the feds to basically hype and roll-out his campaigning on immigration."

"He then all but admitted that that was a head-fake, "the MSNBC host continued. "This is important to understand the Iran head fake. You have the appearance of a president creating a problem so that he alone can solve it. that often begins with some kind of tough talk, then a reaction, concern over the public plan announced by a president, but often in the end it doesn't happen."

Melber noted the ICE raids, then the Iran threats before taking a deep 15-minute dive into the Trump's "Tweet, hype -- and then fold," presidency.

Watch below: