White men caught on camera brutally beating black Oklahoma man while yelling the N-word
Shawn Carolina and his wife, Jamie (Screen cap).

Two white men over the weekend were caught on camera brutally beating a black man and his friend while yelling racial slurs.

Local news station KFOR reports that Shawn Carolina of Shawnee, Oklahoma this weekend was in the parking lot of the local Brickhouse Saloon, where he had just finished having drinks with a friend.

In the parking lot, the two men were confronted by two other men who had been in the brewery with them. The two men proceeded to viciously beat Carolina and his friend -- and as they walked away from them, one of them shouted out, "You're dead, n*gger!"

Shawn's wife, Jamie Carolina, tells KFOR she was appalled by the men's actions.

"After they knocked him out, why continue to beat him?" she asked. "They just pounded on him like he was nothing."

Shawn Carolina was taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries that were described by KFOR as "life threatening," and he is still in the hospital recovering from the beating.

The Carolina family has set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for his medical expenses.

Watch KFOR's video report on the incident below.