9/11 first responder advocate rains holy hell on two GOP senators — and calls them out by name for ignoring victims
John Feal -- CNN screenshot

Appearing on CNN's New Day, 9/11 first responder advocate John Feal took aim at two North Carolina Republicans who are refusing to commit to vote for a bill that would extend benefits for survivors of the 9/11 attack who put their lives on the line after the terrorist attack.

Following a report that the House will take up the bill on Friday, hosts John Berman and Alisyn Camerota asked Feal what steps he will be taking to pressure lawmakers to make sure it gets passed.

"We have to get it through the House and then to the Senate, as soon as that vote is over, it'll be in the Senate," he explained. "I'll have people with me, these people have worked so hard you know. I'm not an advocate, I'm not only a pain in the butt and badassery, but I'm also a historian to make sure history is not distorted. So the American people know what it took over the last 15 years to get this bill finally done."

Feals pivoted and focused on the two GOP senators from North Carolina: Thom Tillis and Richard Burr.

"You know, while my team is in that chamber watching that vote -- and I hope they all enjoy it -- I'm not going," he added. "I'm going over to the Senate side to get people like Tillis and Burr."

"Where's the camera?" he asked before speaking directly to the two Republicans. "Tillis and Burr, I'm coming tomorrow and if you guys aren't on the bill in North Carolina, there's going to be a problem. They have over 1,200 people in their state in the World Trade Center health program."

"If you're from North Carolina, contact Senator Burr and Tillis and tell them to get on the bill -- it's that simple," he insisted. "This is an insult to the men and women from North Carolina and, frankly, we have 70 co-sponsors in the Senate and there should be 30 more on the bill. We have 333 in the House, the other 112 should be on the bill."

"How dare they not get on this bill because of political affiliation? Shame on them, they work for us," he concluded.

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