Carl Bernstein reveals what Mueller brings to his Congressional hearing that Trump can't stop
Pulitzer Prize winning Watergate legend Carl Bernstein on CNN (screencap)

Appearing on CNN, famed former-Washington Post reporter Carl Berstein-- who with Bob Woodward broke the Watergate story that eventually brought down President Richard Nixon -- said that former special counsel Robert Mueller's testimony on Wednesday morning could finally push Democratic leaders to initiate impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump.

Speaking with hosts John Berman and Alisyn Camerota, Bernstein said that putting Mueller on TV will get Trump's attention about what he may face and that Mueller brings something to the table that Trump can't top.

"This is very much about the power of television," Bernstein explained. "It's a moment we haven't seen the power to be exercised in a long time. I suppose Donald Trump in his supposed nervousness understands this is about the power of television and a witness who conceivably could move the needle of the 10 percent, 15 percent of the American people who are undecided on these matters."

"What we do have, perhaps, is the one person that can convey to the American people if he's willing saying the president has not executed the laws as he's supposed to do under Article Two of the Constitution that he has been citing for so long," he added. "So Mueller has enormous power here to move the perception of Americans."

Asked about how Mueller will be seen by the public, Bernstein stated he will present a stark contrast to the president.

"We don't know what his purpose or mind really is but what he has is probity which is the exact opposite of what the president is in his dangerous words and actions and the way he comports himself in a reckless way," he suggested. " Mueller is the opposite. So in his very person, he has the ability to change people's perceptions because there's so much at odds with what the president does, says, and how he carries himself."

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