Donald Trump Jr. really wants to run for office -- but Ivanka is the 'apple of Trump's eye'
Ivanka Trump surrounded by world leaders (MSNBC)

President Donald Trump's eldest son may be his namesake, but when it comes to the presidency, it's his daughter he wants to follow in his footsteps.

In March, Donald Trump Jr. revealed that he is pondering a run for political office and is on the hunt for a state he can call his residence. The younger Trump lives in New York City, where he isn't likely to win even a dog catcher race. But if he goes the carpet-bagger route, he could find a conservative area that would accept him.

Sadly for him, however, the presidency isn't likely to be one of the offices. Real Clear Politics writer A.B. Stoddard wrote a piece on Trump possibly kicking Vice President Mike Pence off the ticket to open a way to launch his daughter Ivanka to the top spot. During a "Fox & Friends" interview, Trump revealed that it is certainly something he's considering, if not for 2020, then definitely ahead of 2024 if he wins another term.

Former communications advisor to Paul Ryan, Brendan Buck, explained that the president loves the idea of a political dynasty.

"The president would absolutely love to have a dynasty, and, you know, the way that he's elevated his daughter is somewhat unprecedented," Buck said. "I think rules don't really apply with this president, which we've seen over and over again. The issue for this is the Trump dynasty, or the Trump legacy is a lot more about a name, right? Donald Trump is a persona. A cult of personality, a red-meat-style policy, and I question whether Ivanka Trump is the right kind of person to carry that on."

More concerning for the GOP, however, is that Ivanka Trump has spent most of her adult life a registered Democrat.

"If you look at the types of issues she works on, it's workforce development and stopping human trafficking," Buck continued. "Sort of A-political, non-partisan types of issues. She has not really adopted the Trump-style of politics. If you read stories and believe some of these anonymous quotes, she's always trying to moderate the president. So I question whether she is the right kind of person. But she's clearly the apple of his eye."

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