Donald Trump thought Alex Acosta real victim in the Jeffrey Epstein child sex trafficking scandal: Conservative columnist
President Donald Trump campaigns for Roy Moore in Pensacola, FL (Screen capture)

President Donald Trump was slammed on Thursday for his pattern of thinking that men busted for crimes against women are the real victims.

MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi played a shocking first-person account of rape by Epstein, followed by Trump's defense of disgraced Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, who resigned in shame on Friday.

For analysis, Velshi interviewed Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin.

"This is typical for Trump, he never expresses any sympathy, any empathy, any horror on behalf of the victims," Rubin explained.

"He says that Alex Acosta was a victim, he says that Alex Acosta was doing a great job. That’s almost verbatim what he used for Rob Porter, the former White House staff secretary that there was very convincing pictorial evidence and was a spousal abuser," she explained.

"This is how Trump operates, he thinks that in any of these cases, the man who was accused was the victim," Rubin said.