Ex-Bush aide says Trump falls back on racism because he’s losing his mind: ‘Take him to Walter Reed for a full medical’
President Donald Trump (MSNBC)

MSNBC contributor Elise Jordan said President Donald Trump was stuck peddling racism because he's losing his mental faculties.

The former speechwriter and National Security Council staffer in George W. Bush's administration said Trump's attack on four Democratic congresswomen betrayed his inherent racism, and showed that he's mentally diminished.

"I think you're being a little bit too charitable regarding Donald Trump having an actual strategy in the first place," Jordan told "Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough. "I think that this is who he is -- he's racist."

"You have seen it, you know, his entire career," she continued, "whether it's calling for five young black men who are innocent to be executed. you see it in his comments consistently throughout the course of his campaign wanting to ban an entire religion from entering the country, and just this week the horrible remarks that, you know, an elected official -- elected by her fellow countrymen and women should be grateful to be in the country and should leave otherwise."

Jordan said the president's behavior was alarming.

"It's just incredible to me that we still are not being just more forthright and, you know, saying this for what it is," she said. "You know, you listen to how he's speaking sometimes and the crazy things that come out of his mouth, and you wonder why someone isn't just taking him to Walter Reed (National Military Medical Center) for a full medical because it doesn't seem to be flowing that well, and I think it's why he's going back to his greatest original trick, being racist."