Ex-GOP House Intel head blows up Devin Nunes’ dream of replacing Dan Coats: ‘He’d never be confirmed’
Former House Intelligence chair Mike Rogers (R-MI)/ CNN screen shot

Sitting with a former Democratic counterpart who also headed up the House Intelligence Committee, ex-Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) said there was no way that Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) would be approved by the GOP-controlled Senate to replace Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats.

Rogers piled on Nunes after his CNN panel mate, ex-Rep Jane Harman (D-CA) -- who also once headed the House Intel committee -- called out the California congressman over his behavior at the Robert Mueller hearing on Wednesday.

"I really worry by the way all the chatter about replacing Dan Coats as the Director of National Intelligence. That will destabilize the entire intelligence community," Harman lamented.

Pressed by host John Berman on Nunes's name being bandied about as the new head, Harmon recalled serving with him.

"He's a wrecking ball," Harman explained adding that the Intel committee had always acted in a bipartisan manner and that Nunes had "shattered" that during his tenure as the chairman.

"Mike, would he be an appropriate choice as DNI?" Berman asked.

'I don't think he could get confirmed by the Senate," Rogers quickly replied. "I think it would cause huge disruption. I think there would be senior executive resignations."

"I mean, his attitude toward the community is not one that would build on a leadership platform in the community," Rogers continued.

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