Ex-White House aide baffles CNN's Camerota by claiming Trump's tweets were racist -- but he is not
Alisyn Camerota -- screenshot

Trying to have it both ways, former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci went on CNN on Thursday morning toboth call out Donald Trump for his racist attacks while at the same time saying the president is not a racist.

Sitting down with host Alisyn Camerota, the Trump apologist who spent a brief 11 days in the White House said that the president is being advised by friends to dial back the racism or face the loss of a "glacier" of support from voters.

With host Camerota pointing out that he had called Trump’s remarks about Rep. Ilhan Omar (R-MN) “reprehensible, racist and neanderthalish,” she pressed, “and yet, you still support him?”

“I do,” he replied, before worrying, “If he continues on that path, he’s going to lose a glacier of support. It's gonna break off and float away from him in a way he doesn’t understand.”

“Would you still support him?” Camerota asked. “If he continues with these tweets, he would lose your support?

“Not just my support,” Scaramucci answered. “He has friends of his in the White House that are working for him that are telling reporters ‘These tweets are racist, but I can’t say anything because I got to keep my job.'”

“For me it will eventually be a moral question. But he’s not a racist,” he continued, to which Camerota shot back, “But his tweets are racist.”

“The tweets are racist, and by the way the friends would tell him the truth would tell him the tweets are racist. But again, I don’t believe he’s a racist, ” he replied to the stunned CNN host.

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