Fed up: Man who doctored Trump’s Turning Point seal is a Republican who's sick of the president
Fake Seal of the president behind Donald Trump (Photo: Screen capture from Washington Post video)

On Thursday, the Washington Post revealed the origins of the fake presidential seal that President Donald Trump unknowingly stood in front of for nearly an hour at an event organized by the GOP youth group Turning Point USA.

It was originally created in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election by Charles Leazott, a graphic designer and ex-Republican who renounced his party after Trump was nominated and created the fake logo to vent his feelings of being "fed up" with him.

The logo substitutes the American bald eagle for the eagle on the seal of Russia, replaces "E. Pluribus Unum" with "45 is a puppet" in Spanish, replaces the stars on the shield with hammers and sickles, and gives the eagle a stack of golf clubs and a pile of cash.

Turning Point USA say they have fired the staffer who was responsible for dredging up the image and putting it on screen behind Trump, but insist that it was probably an honest mistake. Leazott believes that it wasn't, and that it would have taken a deliberate effort to obtain that image.