Fox reporter points out black lawmakers are boycotting Trump’s speech just moments after president calls himself ‘least racist person in the world’

Shortly after the president called himself the “least racist” person anywhere on Tuesday, Fox News White House correspondent Kevin Corke noted that President Donald Trump’s speech in Virginia was being boycotted by black lawmakers.

“Never a dull moment obviously,” Corke remarked. “Let me just say this, Virginia's black state lawmakers are actually boycotting today's commemoration of 400 years of representative democracy, they say because the president will be here.”

“I want to share part of a statement. It is lengthy, but I just want to share this little snippet for the folks at home. They say this: As we celebrate the beginning of American democracy, we must recognize that it is the government by, of, and for the people, built on the ideas of personal liberty and the rule of law. The president’s words and actions demonstrate that he does not share or embody these new ideas.”

“Interestingly, both Virginia governor Ralph Northam and lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax will take part in  the festivities today, although it is highly unlikely that the men will be photographed anywhere near the president,” Corke added.

Watch video below: