GOP faced with 2020 House losses as incumbents bail just like they did before the 2018 midterm bloodbath: report
House minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) (Screen cap).

According to a report from Politico, GOP operatives are looking at a new wave of losses in the 2020 general election that could mirror the 2018 "Blue wave" bloodbath that led them to lose control of the House in 2018.

With Republican Reps. Paul Mitchell (MI), Pete Olson (TX) and Alabama's Martha Roby all announcing they will not run again and are stepping aside, officials are looking at the electoral map and seeing possible losses with incumbents suddenly out of the picture in a high turn-out election.

The reports states that "Republicans say they lost the House because of too many retirements last cycle, yet they are seeing a steady stream of lawmakers forgo reelection once again."

According to Politico, Roby's departure hurts the GOP that is seeking more women's votes, with the Alabama Republican becoming the second female House GOPer to call it quits.

Additionally, the Montgomery Advertiser reports that Roby's district is about to become more problematic.

"The 2nd congressional district is heavily Republican, rated R+16 by the Cook Political Report," the Advertiser explains. "But its future is as doubtful as the post-2020 congressional map for Alabama. The state is expected to lose a congressional seat following next year's Census, a development that would necessitate new boundaries. That could force incumbents into fights with each other, if none decide to step aside in the 2022 elections.”

As for Olson, his district borders Houston which is "going to become one of the toughest fought seats this cycle."

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