GOP strategist nails 'mean and vindictive' Trump for complaining about Baltimore -- but not doing anything to change it
Donald Trump and Rep. Elijah Cummings (Photos: Screen captures)

President Donald Trump spent his second weekend in a row attacking congress members of color in racist attacks. But one Republican strategist is calling his bluff.

In an MSNBC panel discussion Sunday, former NRCC communication director Matt Gorman noted that outside of Trump's racism, he isn't even offering to do anything about the attacks.

"I think Republicans that I talked to on this, certainly Baltimore had its share of problems, that's undeniable," Gorman said. "The last three or so mayors have not been up to par, so to speak. He's not proposing a new answer. He's just acting mean and vindictive. Instead of saying Elijah Cummings is a talker, he did it in a mean, divisive way."

Georgetown University Professor Michael Eric Dyson wouldn't let Gorman off the hook by leaving it at "mean and vindictive," however.

"By saying he's mean, he's mean-spirited, vicious and I lived in Providence, Rhode Island," he began. "They didn't have great mayor there, but nobody attacked the Italian cost on American politics, Irish implications. The ethnicity of a mayor has nothing do with with the governing of that mayor. So, to suggest the mayors in Baltimore have been lacking has something to do with impugning an entire race of people. That is on face prima fascia evidence."

Watch the full discussion below: