GUILTY: Jury rules Michael Flynn's former business partner is guilty of lobbying for Turkey
Bijan Kian with Michael Flynn (Photo by Endowment for Middle East Truth)

Michael Flynn's former business partner Bijan Kian was found guilty by a jury for illegally lobbying for a foreign country.

The information was uncovered as part of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation and as the Justice Department's crackdown on illegal foreign lobbying, CNN explained.

Flynn has had a difficult go in his court case, but information Flynn gave was helpful, according to the DOJ.

Kian is an Iranian-American businessman who was charged with conspiring to hide his lobbying work for Turkey without registering as a foreign agent for the Turkish government.

"The general scheme, prosecutors alleged, was that Kian and Flynn had knowingly worked for the Turkish government, but had kept that work secret by being paid through the company of a Turkish-Dutch businessman, Ekim Alptekin from September to November 2016," CNN reported. "They did the work while Flynn was an influential foreign policy adviser to candidate Donald Trump. Though Flynn and Kian dissolved their lobbying firm, the Flynn Intel Group, shortly after the election, according to evidence at the trial, Flynn's appointment as Trump's first national security adviser put his business activities under scrutiny."

Flynn is currently awaiting sentencing from a judge who already has called Flynn a traitor to America. Mueller recommended very little time for Flynn after his cooperation but the judge in his case has asked prosecutors for specifics about what information Flynn gave that was beneficial and how helpful it was.

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