Internet knocks 'snowflakes' attending Trump's #TrollSummit to complain about having their racism censored
US President Donald Trump says there is "nothing wrong" with listening to foreign governments offering dirt on his political opponents. (AFP / SAUL LOEB)

President Donald Trump is hosting a right-wing meet-up of extremist social media influencers and conspiracy theorists at the White House Thursday and the internet can't help but mock them.

As a collective group, these social media accounts have a huge ability to spread fake news across platforms during crucial points during an election. Some of the account holders are known for disseminating birther conspiracies, "false flag" allegations after shootings and more.

Part of the agenda for the #TrollSummit will revolve around what Trump calls social media censorship. He believes that his supporters are being censored when they violate the terms of service on social platforms. He also saw a dramatic drop in his Twitter following after the site did a purge of accounts they perceived to be bots. It resulted in a 9 million-account drop on the site. Trump believed that this was about him and his supporters and whined his complaints in person to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

You can see the best mockery and attacks about the #TrollSummit below: