Internet responds to Trump's speech flub with #RevolutionaryWarAirportStories: 'One if by sea, three if by air'
Washington Crosses the Delaware in the flight path of a landing plane (Photo: Twitter screen capture)

President Donald Trump had an accidental flub while reading his Fourth of July speech on the teleprompter. According to Trump, the U.S. Army, which was founded in 1775 protected the country by shutting down the airports.

Trump, seemingly confused about when the flight at Kitty Hawk took place, celebrated the work of grounding all aircraft in the 1700s that didn't yet exist.

One person differed on the claim that Trump made it about the Revolutionary War. Instead, Trump used it in a section about the War of 1812.

The internet didn't waste any time unleashing their own hilarious Revolutionary War stories about what they experienced when the "airports" were closed.

You can read the best of the best below: