Ivanka bashed by CNN guest for jumping into Trump's racism scandal late and trying to make herself look good
Ivanka Trump, U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Clifford L. H. Davis

Appearing on CNN, the author of a piece in The Atlantic on Ivanka Trump's disappearing act whenever her father, President Donald Trump, does something offensive, said the first daughter likes to pick her spots when she can be "part of the show."

Speaking with CNN host Ana Cabrera, journalist Elaina Plott said Ivanka's influence on her father has been overstated since the beginning of his presidency and she moves into the public eye when it benefits her.

With regard to reports that Ivanka talked to her dad about his racist attacks on four Democrats, which he briefly walked back -- only to turn around and attack Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) again -- Plott said it fits a pattern.

"Ivanka's influence this week has been negligible," she began. "There were a lot of reports that surfaced yesterday afternoon, and late last evening claiming she had gone to her father and made the case that she was displeased with the 'send her back chants' at the rally, and she urged her father to change course. Time and time again, I see that her so-called influence that she would telegraph on and off the campaign trail that she could have over this president has not come to fruition, I think you have to question not only what kind of sway does she actually have, but also to what extent is she trying to gain it?"

"When this administration started, she found herself wanting to get involved in substantive matters. She was very publicly involved in trying to urge her father to stay in the Paris Climate Accord," she explained before adding, "It didn't work, but she was happy to dip her toes in the substantive issues."

"Now what we see is, she steps in and out of her portfolio, not necessarily to make substantive pushes, but to be part of the show," she continued.

"We saw that when she played diplomat with Kim Jong-un in North Korea, even though everything else, she'll say, that doesn't fall under my purview. But I don't really understand how discussing nuclear warheads with a dictator falls under the purview of women's economic empowerment on the Ivory Coast," she said, getting in a dig at Ivanka's pet project that the White House -- and her father -- boast about whenever they can.

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