Ivanka’s ‘sad and pitiful’ attempts to break onto the world stage blasted by former White House Republican
Ivanka Trump surrounded by world leaders (MSNBC)

Former White House aide Elise Jordan was shocked by Ivanka Trump's prominent participation over the weekend at the G-20 summit in Japan.

President Donald Trump's eldest daughter -- who is also a senior White House adviser -- and her husband Jared Kushner took part in meetings with other nations, and was seen in a viral video awkwardly trying to insert herself in private conversations with world leaders.

"I absolutely can't believe it," said Jordan, who served in George W. Bush's administration. "Having served around so many incredibly talented diplomats and government officials, that she just gets to waltz up on the stage as if she's secretary of state without any Senate confirmation process, and has so much unadulterated power at her fingertips."

"It's really scary, because she's not a professional and she's in completely over her head," Jordan added, "and you can see that from how other world leaders respond to her. It's really sad and pitiful that the Trumps believe that nepotism on this great scale is acceptable for a country as great as this nation."