James Comey says it is ‘fair’ for Democrats to blast AG Barr at Mueller hearing
Former FBI Director James Comey (screengrab)

Former FBI Director James Comey said it would be fair game for Democrats to go after Attorney General Bill Barr during Wednesday's televised hearings with former Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Barr was highly criticized for releasing a letter summarizing the Mueller findings, which was found to be inaccurate when the redacted report was released.

"I heard from a source today, familiar with Attorney General Barr's thinking, that is nervous about being attacked tomorrow. What sort of exposure does Attorney general Barr have?" MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace asked.

"I don’t think he will be attacked by the witness or witnesses," Comey replied.

"He may be attacked by Democrats, fairly in my view, for misrepresenting what was in Director Mueller’s report and how he has handled the entire thing and slimed the FBI since," he explained.

"Frankly, I hope there is not a lot of that. This is a chance for the American people to learn more about what the special counsel found and the fewer attacks and more questions the better served the American people will be," Comey said.