Lindsey Graham and Jared Kushner in a clash over future of Middle East peace
Jared Kushner and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) (Photos: Screen captures)

President Donald Trump's son-in-law is the one assigned to solve Middle East peace during his term in office. But it seems now Jared Kushner is clashing with Trump pal, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC).

According to Axios, Graham is working to push Trump toward a two-state solution, but Jared has a tendency to favor Israel. In an interview with CNN, Kushner refused to say whether he supported the two-state option. Palestinians are skeptical of Kushner's plan, as John Oliver pointed out Sunday.

Kushner’s family once welcomed Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu, who slept at Kushner’s parents’ house in Jared’s bed. At the same time, Netanyahu has used his friendship with Trump as a way to promote himself among conservatives he needs for his reelection bid.

“If we have a peace, and there’s not a fear of people doing terrorism then all of a sudden we can really fend the borders and allow for much faster flow of goods and people,” Kushner told a room full of Middle East leaders about his peace plan.

Graham, on the other hand, said in a joint press conference in Jerusalem Tuesday that he plans to push Trump toward his idea.

"Although Trump said publicly last September that he supports a two-state solution, it is unclear if the U.S. peace plan will include this principle," Axios explained. "The administration's support of settlements in the West Bank is likely to make a two-state solution far more difficult."

Meanwhile, the Israeli Embassy in Washington has been lobbying senators to stop using the words "two-state solution" in their agreements. Senators have refused.