Man who believed ‘the Bible is for white people’ gets life in prison after setting black man on fire in gruesome murder

A white man from Tennessee has been sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of murdering a black man by setting him on fire while he slept.

The Daily News Journal reports that 53-year-old John Carothers has pleaded guilty to murdering Robert Miller, a housemate who lived with him at the Frazier Young Supportive Living, which is a home for people with intellectual disabilities.

According to prosecutors, Carothers in March 2018 doused Miller in lighter fluid while he was asleep in his bed and then lit him on fire. Miller would subsquently die from burn-related injuries at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville.

Police believe that Carothers had ties to a white supremacist organization called the American Institute of Theology, as they intercepted a letter he sent to them last September in which he expressed his view that "the Bible is about White People and for White People."

Carothers has since disavowed that statement and he told the Daily News Journal that it no longer represents his way of thinking.