Meeting Trump at the DMZ ‘backfired’ on Kim Jong-un — who looks weak in North Korea: report
Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump, Korean Central News Agency

President Donald Trump's impromptu meeting with Kim Jong-un at the De-Militarized Zone (DMZ) backfired politically on the North Korea dictator, the Daily Mailreported Friday.

"Kim Jong-un's impromptu meeting with Donald Trump last week has gone down badly in North Korea where people are unsure why their leader rushed to meet the U.S. President, it has been claimed," the British newspaper reported. "Kim's eagerness to meet Trump has undermined the picture that Pyongyang paints of a powerful and proactive leader, a source told Korean media."

"Officials are saying that Kim Jong-un was perhaps a little too eager to meet the president," the North Korean source told Radio Free Asia.

"Residents, especially officials are ridiculing the propaganda of the authorities," the source added.

The meeting at the DMZ was the third between the two leaders, but to-date the engagements have failed to achieve the stated U.S. policy of nuclear disarmament.