MSNBC panel ridicules Fox News for their sad attempts to spin Trump's disastrous July 4th celebration
Am Joy -- screenshot

A panel on MSNBC's "AM Joy" found the glowing reviews by Fox News' hosts of Donald Trump's disastrous speech on July Fourth to be a source of amusement on Sunday morning -- with one guest noting even the Russians panned the president.

Host Joy Reid kicked off the proceedings by running clips of Fox personalities calling Trump's rain-soaked patriotic extravaganza "beautiful" and "incredible" while also complaining that "many of his critics said he's going to make it all about him."

Following a clip of Fox's Jeanine Pirro ranting about reactions to Trump's speech -- which contained some widely-mocked historical inaccuracies about airports during the Revolutionary War -- host Reid smirked and addressed her guests.

"That was the reaction Donald Trump wanted for the event he dreamed of in the last two years," she explained. "The only major network to cover the network wall-to-wall dedicating a two-hour block for his campaign event and expose the anti-American core of the modern left."

"He even got mocked by the Russians," Reid continued while laughing. "Even the Russians -- they mocked him. They said it was low energy, using his own insults. How does his staff keep that away from him so he doesn't find out?"

Washington Post conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin chimed in to snark, "It's hard when the home office gets upset with you," at which point the entire panel started laughing once again.

Watch below: