MSNBC's Morning Joe wants to know why Mueller went easy on Don Trump Jr: 'Why wasn't he investigated?'
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said special counsel Robert Mueller had some big questions to answer to assure Americans that the rule of law still existed.

The "Morning Joe" host asked NBC News reporter Carol Lee about her new report asking why Donald Trump Jr. had not been questioned as part of the special counsel probe, and h laid out the biggest questions facing Mueller ahead of his congressional testimony.

"There are only three questions that most Americans want the answer to," Scarborough said. "Was there obstruction, was there collusion and would Donald Trump have been indicted had he not been the president of the United States? Those are three pretty simple questions, but I don't think he'll -- I don't think you'll get the answers tomorrow, sadly."

Scarborough said the conclusion of Mueller's investigation had been frustrating, because it felt so incomplete.

"There's a recurring theme here about all of these investigations going on and everybody pulling back before giving Americans the answers that they need," he said. "Despite the fact that Americans have paid millions and millions of dollars for these investigations. So now we're not going to hear why Don Jr. wasn't subpoenaed, why he wasn't investigated? When he set up that infamous meeting, he also was excited about it and said 'love it, can't wait to have the meeting.' That's the first guy you want to actually interview."

The special counsel should also tell Congress why he didn't subpoena the president, Scarborough said.

"The United States Supreme Court most likely would have upheld that subpoena and made Donald Trump sit down and be interviewed by Robert Mueller," Scarborough said. "If you're doing an obstruction of justice case and you have 10 instances that you believe justice was obstructed, you need that answer."

"We could ask the same thing of the Southern District of New York," he continued. "It is believed by most legal scholars, many legal scholars, that Donald Trump's payoff to Stormy Daniels was illegal, it violated the FEC. Well, the Southern District of New York drops those charges, doesn't explain why."

The entire situation was fishy, Scarborough said, and he pointed a finger at Attorney General William Barr.

"Was it, again, because the Justice Department is protecting Donald Trump for so long he's president of the United States?" he said. "If that's the case, so you're saying somebody can break the law to get elected president of the United States and then you can't charge them with that crime because they're president of the United States? Talk about circular logic, and just a complete obliteration of our belief that no man is above the law."