Nicolle Wallace breaks down Trump's 3 biggest weaknesses: 'Hit him where it hurts’
MSNBC "Deadline: White House" host Nicolle Wallace (screengrab)

MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace -- who was a top Republican communication strategist before her career in journalism -- explained how Democrats can take advantage of President Donald Trump's top three insecurities.

"Message to Democrats: this is how you do it. A corrupt leader with misogynistic and intolerant leanings resigned late last night, driven from office by an investigation in the legislature and protests from the people he represented," Wallace reported. "While many of us were still focused on the takeaways from the Mueller hearing, the people of Puerto Rico took to the streets last night to celebrate."

The host reported how her colleague Joe Scarborough -- who was a Republican congressman prior to his career in television -- urged Democrats to take a stronger stance against Trump.

"I want to push you on this because I think what Joe Scarborough was saying, I think the point he was trying to make -- and he knows Donald Trump -- is hit him where it hurts," Wallace said.

"We’re fighting against somebody who cares about the size of their crowds, about being called stupid -- only somebody who cares about being called stupid tweets 'I’m a stable genius,'" she noted.

"So people who know him, who talk about his soft underbelly -- and I know that’s gross -- but it is questioning his wealth, questioning the size of his support and questioning his intelligence," she noted.

"So Joe’s point is, hit him where it gets under his skin. A crowd bigger than his does that," she concluded.