NYT’s Friedman torches Trump in epic rant: ‘Every one of us can trace our roots to sh*thole countries'
Thomas Friedman (CNN)

Thomas Friedman dropped an epic rant against President Donald Trump's racist attacks on Democratic lawmakers.

The New York Times columnist quoted the president's profane insults against majority-black countries as he blasted Trump for demanding four first-year congresswomen of color return to their home countries, although only one of them was born outside the United States.

"The president isn't talking just about or to these four congresswomen, he's talking about us," Friedman said. "He's talking about we. He's talking about every Irish-American whose grandparents fled the potato famine. He's talking about every Italian-American whose grandparents or great-grandparents fled the depression. He's talking about every Muslim-American whose parents or grandparents fled the disorder of Lebanon or Libya or Iraq. He's talking about every black American whose great-great-grandparents were forced to come here in slavery or fled disorder in Africa. He's talking about every Latin-American whose family came mere from Venezuela or Mexico. He's talking about we and us -- every one of us."

"Every one of us, at some point, or virtually all of us can trace our roots to what Trump has called sh*thole countries," Friedman added.

Then Friedman personalized his comments and asked CNN's "New Day" hosts Alisyn Camerota and John Berman about their backgrounds.

"Hey, Camerota -- which sh*thole country did your grandparents come from?" Friedman said. "Berman -- which sh*thole country did your grandparents come from? We all came here, we all came here because this is not a country of blood and soil, which Trump thinks. it's a country built around a universal idea that out of many, we make one."

"I know one thing absolutely for sure," he added. "We have a president of the United States who could not pass the simplest, the simplest citizenship test that is administrated to every new immigrant in this country because he has no idea what this country is about."