Racist shames black couple for using handicapped parking spot -- but they’re both disabled veterans

A black couple -- both disabled veterans -- went grocery shopping and when they returned to their car they were shocked to find a racist note taped to their car, reports KIII-TV.

Marqueena and Kenneth Moore both told the station they have physical injuries: a traumatic brain injury for Kenneth, causing him to stutter. They have PTSD.

“Going to a store can be terrifying,” Kenneth Moore said.

When they finished their shopping trip, they walked back to their car to find a note that read, “just because you are black and have a nice car does not make you handicapped ;)”

It's clear that the couple deserved the disabled parking spot. The car carries a plate that says they are disabled veterans.

“You may not physically see their disability,” Marqueena Moore said. "But everyone wears their scars differently. You just have to simply go back to the Golden Rule: treating people how you want to be treated.”