Rev. Al Sharpton reveals why black voters are sticking with Joe Biden -- so far
Rev. Al Sharpton (MSNBC)

The Rev. Al Sharpton explained why black voters are sticking with Joe Biden, even after his past record on race has been highlighted and dissected.

Recent polls show Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) failed to dent Biden's support from black voters, despite calling out his record on busing during last month's Democratic presidential debate, and Sharpton told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" that President Barack Obama's vice president still had a lot of credibility.

"Donald Trump won playing the race card, but he also played that he was going to undo everything that President Obama did," Sharpton said. "Well, undoing Obama is undoing Obama-Biden, so a lot of African-Americans are saying, 'This is my vote to say I am with Obama-Biden and the things that Donald Trump is trying to undo,' and Biden gets a lot of support because of that."

"He was the co-pilot of the years that Mr. Trump is now trying to displace," he added, "so it's going to take more than one or two bad nights at a debate for people to look at Joe Biden as separate from the last 10 years. They weren't around 50 years ago for busing. It's a big issue and an important issue, but they remember in real life their own experiences over the last 10 years that's trying to be displaced by this president, and Joe Biden was part of that."