Fight breaks out with right-wing conspiracy theorists 'getting in the faces of media' after Trump presser
Fight breaks out between right-wingers and media after White House press conference (Photo: Screen capture)

Things got heated in the White House Rose Garden when right-wing conspiracy theorists faced off against actual journalists.

PBS NewsHour reporter Courtney Norris was one of the members of the press pool reporting on President Donald Trump's recent decision to cave in on the census. But things got heated after the president left.

Prior to the press conference, however, Trump spoke to a crowd of right-wing conspiracy theorists welcomed to the White House to talk about his 2020 campaign. Trump told the group that if they wanted to join him in the Rose Garden that they would be welcomed.

After finishing his press conference, Trump exited with Attorney General Bill Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, but the right-wing social media influencers reportedly got "in the faces of the media" as they were trying to exit.

Norris noted that it was still a "scene" and that one video she captured showed former Trump aide Sebastian Gorka and Joy Villa yelling.

You can watch in the video below: