Texas waitress fired for making shockingly racist remark to black customer

Tasha Lee went to a Buffalo Wild Wings in Tomball, Texas, when a waitress asked to check her ID, she told FOX 26.

In response, the waitress had made a shockingly racist comment.

"Once Lee handed her ID over, the unnamed employee smiled and said, “Don’t take this racially, but sometimes the only way you can tell with Black people is from their eyes and their smiles, because it’s so dark.”

Lee was shocked.

The Restaurant manager tried to smooth over the situation, apologizing, comping her meal, and adding a $10 gift card. The waitress was fired.

Lee nevertheless wanted to highlight the incident to help educate people.

“I mean, to tell a Black person that the only way you can tell it’s them from their picture is from the whites of their eyes, and the whites of their teeth it’s absolutely unacceptable,” she told FOX26.

“While this was the first time this has happened to me so overtly, this is a normal experience for African-Americans everywhere.”