‘The face of evil’: Fascism expert warns ‘we are facing an emergency’ after Trump’s ‘send her back’ rally
Donald Trump (Screen Capture)

A fascism expert says America is facing an "emergency" after witnessing President Donald Trump's "send her back" campaign re-election rally Wednesday night.

Jason Stanley, a Yale philosophy professor and author of books including "How Fascism Works," and "How Propaganda Works," took to Twitter to voice his dire concerns.

"I am not easily shocked," Professor Stanley wrote. "But we are facing an emergency. Journalists must not get away with sugar coating this. This is the face of evil."

Wednesday night in North Carolina Trump continued his assault on the four progressive Democratic Congresswomen, who are also women of color, after "inviting" them to leave the country.

Trump's supporters erupted into a raucous, hostile chant of "send her back, send her back."

Newsweek notes Trump called the four Democratic lawmakers, "hate-filled extremists."

After the attack, Rep. Ilhan Omar, who appears to be Trump's number one target, tweeted lines from a poem by American poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou. That tweet went viral, massively surpassing Trump's tweets attacking her.