The View's Meghan McCain rages after Pete Buttigieg masterfully calls out conservatives
Meghan McCain (ABC)

Pete Buttigieg called out Republicans for slamming Democratic policies as "socialist" -- and his criticism may have hit a little too close to home for Meghan McCain.

The conservative co-host on "The View" frequently warns that Democrats are pushing socialist policies, and she has said that every one of the party's presidential candidates but Joe Biden are too far left to defeat President Donald Trump.

"Mayor Pete, when you're talking about Republicans are going to paint everybody as being socialists, that's just ridiculous, and a really good way to lose the moderates," McCain said.

Buttigieg urged his rivals to stop caring about what Republicans would say, because they're going to call them "crazy socialists" regardless of the agenda they actually pursued, and McCain felt personally attacked.

"Do you know who I don't think is a socialist?" McCain said. "Joe Biden, I don't think Tulsi Gabbard is a socialist. There are many candidates onstage I don't think that. So please don't put in my mouth (that) I'm going to paint all Democrats as socialist. I don't think there is a socialist sitting at this table with me, and I think that is a cheap talking point, and I used to like him."