'The Wire' creator David Simon goes scorched earth on 'simplistic, racist moron' Trump for attacking his hometown of Baltimore
David Simon who produced The Wire gives an interview/Screenshot

David Simon, the creator of HBO's "The Wire," which is set in Baltimore, unleashed holy hell on Donald Trump on Saturday for his attack on Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) and the city itself, calling the president a "simplistic, racist moron."

Simon, long a critic of Trump, was unsparing in a series of tweets, writing, "If this empty-suit, race-hating fraud had to actually visit West Baltimore for five minutes and meet any of the American citizens who endure there, he’d wet himself."

He added, "The president is 'literally' a simplistic, racist moron. I am 'literally' the guy writing stuff about the last century of U.S. policy, about the drug war and mass incarceration, about Brown v. and white flight, about all of modern U.S. history to which your kind stays mute," after being attacked by a fan of the president attempting to validate Trump's attacks.

You can see a series of tweets Simon sent out while combating Trump's followers.