Trump biographer drops the hammer on the president in epic rant: 'He's a bigot'
Bloomberg executive editor Tim O'Brien/ MSNBC screen shot

On MSNBC's "Up with David Gura," Bloomberg News executive editor and MSNBC commentator Tim O'Brien laid into President Donald Trump's racist attacks on Democratic women of color.

As O'Brien pointed out, the proof that the president is a racist lies not just in what he said, but how he responded to public anger over it.

"There's a hesitance to call it what it is, and there shouldn't be any hesitation," said O'Brien, who authored TrumpNation: The Art of Being the Donald. "The president is a racist. The president is a bigot. By any standard we use to decide whether or not someone is acting is a racist. He ticks off every single one of those boxes ... It's in the fact pattern. There's a long history of this from him that predated his arrival in the White House."

"If you even wanted to put it aside, think about how he's handled the events of this last week," said O'Brien. "Someone who isn't a racist would not handle this the way he's handled this. If my friends Maya or Alexi said, 'Tim, what you just said offends me, what you just said is racist, I feel vulnerable, I feel insulted,' I would be horrified, I would try make amends as quickly as I possibly could. And yet the president targeted four women of color in Congress and has shown no remorse for doing so. He's got the nation telling him it's offensive. He's got leaders of foreign countries saying it's unacceptable, and he keeps doubling down. Why does he double down? Because he's a racist."

Watch below: