Trump concentration camp visit ‘appears to have blown up in the face of the Vice President’: report
President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence -- screenshot

MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes reported on "shocking" conditions that Vice President Mike Pence witnessed on a public relations tour of a border detention center on Friday.

VP Mike Pence was subjected to an overwhelming stench of urine during his tour of a camp in McAllen, Texas.

For analysis, MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes interviewed Jonathan Ryan, the CEO of civil rights organization RAICES, who said reports from the camps are "consistent and they’re horrific."

"The treatment that we hear about from the officers themselves indicates not an aberration from training, but truly training itself -- rough treatment, body checks, disgusting language, it’s all commonplace inside of these facilities because that is the culture, and frankly, this is what these exist facilities do, to further terrorize immigrants and frankly to make them give up their rights so that lawyers like those at RAICES are unable to help them to get the protection that they deserve," Ryan explained.

"What do you say about the fact that we’re hearing people with 20 and 40 days in pens of 400 people with nowhere to sleep?" Hayes asked.

"It’s true that the conditions that we see today have been around for many years. But it’s also absolutely the case that what we’re seeing now is a scaled-up, toughened up, and unfortunately more streamlined in its own devious way and devastating way to cause more harm to more people," Ryan replied.

"We’ve never seen anything like the images that are coming out from today’s visit and to your point, if this was to have been constructed as a PR opportunity, I think it appears to have blown up in the face of the vice president significantly, because I’m shocked even knowing what I know, I’m shocked by the images I’m seeing," he concluded.