Trump has brought 'naked racism to the White House' -- and 'Republicans absolutely love him for it': Charles Blow
Supporters rally behind President Donald Trump during an October 2016 event. Image via Creative Commons/Gage Skidmore.

President Donald Trump has long ago removed any doubt that he's a "raging racist," said columnist Charles Blow, but he continues to offer new reminders to appeal to the racists who support him.

The president launched racist attacks Sunday morning at the four Democratic lawmakers feuding with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Blow wrote in his New York Times column argued that Trump's tweets betrayed his white nationalist ideology.

"The central framing of this kind of thinking is that this is a white country, founded and built by white men, and destined to be maintained as a white country," Blow wrote. "For anyone to be accepted as truly American they must assimilate and acquiesce to that narrative, to bow to that heritage and bend to those customs."

White supremacy is based on a lie, Blow wrote, because the United States expanded through bloodshed and broken treaties with Native Americans, and built its wealth through enslaving blacks, and he argued that anti-Muslim bigotry and xenophobia were being folded into the anti-black racism that had always existed.

"White people and whiteness are the center of the Trump presidency," Blow wrote. "His primary concern is to defend, protect and promote it. All that threatens it must be attacked and assaulted. Trump is bringing the force of the American presidency to the rescue of white supremacy. And, self-identified Republicans absolutely love him for it."

"We are watching a very dark chapter in this nation’s history unfold in real time," he added. "We are watching as a president returns naked racism to the White House. And we are watching as fellow citizens — possibly a third of them — reveal to us their open animus for us through their continued support of him."